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Wunderman Thompson Seattle



It's not cheating when it's your Dream Team.

    English football fans swear life-long allegiances to their favorite team. They’d rather eat glass than cheer for rival clubs.

    How do you get such passionate fans to sign up for your fantasy football league, especially when you’ve just added a paywall?

    You dig deep into the data to discover how fans pick players.

  2. WORK

    We studied years of data—1.2 million transactions—to find that everyone was cheating on their team. To build their ideal Dream Team, fans were secretly picking players from enemy clubs they hated.

    This data became the idea for our campaign. Our mission: let fans know they weren’t alone and show how many other fans are living with the same guilt. We featured the data in online videos, print ads, direct mail packs with team scarves, and reactive social content—all with the slogan, “It's not cheating when it's your Dream Team.”


    • 4.1 million reached on Facebook
    • 12 million reached on Twitter
    • 630,000 new paid registrations
    • Won 12 awards including an IAB MIXX Gold Award, a Cannes Lion shortlist, and 4 gold DMA Awards
Dream Team The Sun Case Study - Wunderman

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