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Wunderman Helps Ikea Inspire Creative Play

When half of the human race already shops at your store, how do you look to grow? You get creative.

Ahead of the 2018 Cannes Festival of Creativity, IKEA challenged Wunderman to come up with an idea that shows how the furniture brand inspires and facilitates child’s play, all while helping improve home life for parents, families and communities.

The big idea: See the world through a child’s eyes and create an interactive mobile app that brings cardboard waste to life. Drawing on 15 million rows of dialogue data based on nearly 20 years of conversations with parents, Wunderman debuted the “IKEA Toy Box” on stage at Cannes, showing how the app facilitates creative play by empowering kids to transform an old box into something new.

“IKEA exists as a space for new ideas and we believe that the Ikea Toy Box project continues to fulfill that promise – opening up play to children of all ages,” Wunderman Global CCO Daniel Bonner. Read more about the game-changing work below:

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