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Wunderman Thompson Seattle


Wunderman @ CES 2019

CES 2019 Key Takeaways: Download our summary of insights from clients, experts, and thought leaders, and be sure to watch the highlights from our Future Ready sessions.

While CES featured 2.7 million square feet of exhibit space, for marketers, the show is mainly about ideas. What’s new, what’s next, and what should we be doing in 2019?

This year Wunderman and J. Walter Thompson came armed with answers. Here’s a brief overview of the insights we shared at CES:

Future Ready Breakfast
Are you future ready? Our Future Ready breakfast featured a three-part discussion of what brands must think about to prepare for whatever comes next:

· Future of Work. Futurist Steve Brown, WPP Global CTO Stephan Pretorius, Evelozcity Head of Mobility Karl-Thomas Neumann, and Dr. Anita Sengupta of Airspace Experience Technologies discussed the changing nature of work—and what brand leaders need to look for in the next generation of talent. Above all, they made the point that curiosity is key in a world where change is constant.

· Future of Brand. WPP Global CEO Mark Read and Qualcomm Head of Global Brand, Content & Creative Service Liya Sharif took a careful look at how 5G will transform the way brands connect with consumers. “5G will be as transformational as the Internet was.” Sharif said, “And connectivity will be like electricity.” 

WPP Global CEO Mark Read and Head of Global Brand, Content & Creative Service Liya Sharif.

· Future of Partnerships and Collaboration. Wunderman Global CEO Mel Edwards and JWT Worldwide CEO Tamara Ingram led a discussion around the evolving nature of brands and their agency partners with Microsoft GM, Integrated Marketing for Modern Life & Devices Kirsten Ward and Xandr CMO Kirk McDonald. Among many things, they emphasized communication, driving home the point that brands and agencies can only grow when they share the same context and business understanding. 

Wunderman Global CEO Mel Edwards, Microsoft GM, Integrated Marketing for Modern Life & Devices Kirsten Ward, Xandr CMO Kirk McDonald, JWT Worldwide CEO Tamara Ingram and moderator Lindsay Stein of Campaign US. 

Key takeaways from CES

· Voice takes charge. Voice assistants were everywhere at CES, even in places that you might not want them to be. (Smart toilets, we’re looking right at you.) Given the fast adoption rates and increased daily usage, marketers clearly need to evolve their brand strategy around a technology that’s rapidly being adopted by the public.
· AR: a growing force with skeptics. One of the odder and more dangerous-looking products at CES saw customers driving moving vehicles wearing an AR headset. But AR had an increased and interesting presence at the show. While some of the claims of software makers around the ease of making AR content seem exaggerated, this is an area marketers would do well not to ignore.
· The clash of ecosystems. A looming consumer issue lies around product ecosystems, with people often being forced to buy into an entire platform for smart homes, cars, and beyond. Marketers will have to pay attention to winners and losers, and also the brands in this space as 2019 brings a whole new level of products and services to the market. 

Pictured clockwise, from left: Turner’s Evan Giamanco and Christine Cook; Wunderman Global CMO Jamie Gutfreund, Evelocity Head of Mobility Karl-Thomas Neumann, and Dr. Anita Sengupta of Airspace Experience Technologies; JWT Innovation Group Worldwide Director Lucie Greene, Futurist Steve Brown, and POSSIBLE Mobile CEO Ben Reubenstein; Xandr CMO Kirk McDonald, JWT CEO Worldwide Tamara Ingram, and moderator Lindsay Stein of Campaign US. 

More detailed recap to be shared next week. 




Wunderman Events


Monday, January 7th | 10:15 - 11:15am
LVCC, North Hall, N253

Digital Hollywood: The Future of Brand Partnerships and Influencer Marketing

In a world of social and 24/7 media, the relationship between consumer and brand has been forever altered. Star Power has been usurped by influencer marketing and major brands are implementing all-media strategies integrating social and influencer content and advertising concepts.

  • Beau Avril - Global Head of Business Operations | FameBit by YouTube
  • S. Scott Burnett – MD, Consumer Electronics | IBM Electronics
  • Stacy Minero – Head of Content Creation | Twitter
  • Tara DeVeaux – CMO | Wildcard & 3am
  • Natasha Vaquer – VP, Talent Partnerships & Influencer Strategy | Refinery29
  • Ed Romaine – Chief Brand Officer | Bleacher Report
  • Andrew Solmssen – MD | POSSIBLE LA


Monday, January 7th | 3:30 - 4:30pm
LVCC, North Hall, N253

Digital Hollywood: Social Media Transforms Marketing

Dependence on the smartphone is the bottom line of marketing. It’s about personal communication and it’s about deep dive advertising. Social Media is not only at the forefront of today’s headlines, it also defines how most industries strategically evaluate their future.

  • Urs Cete - MD, CFO | Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, L.P.
  • Sharon Mussalli - CRO | Some Spider Inc.
  • Spence Kramer - CEO | J. Walter Thompson Atlanta
  • Jim Louderback - GM, Vidcom | Viacom
  • Evan Weiss - Founding Partner, Head of Talent | Red Sun Entertainment
  • James Heath - Director of Audience Development | Univision Creator Network
  • Yania Yuki - CEO | Shareablee (moderator)


Tuesday, January 8th | 12:00 - 1:00pm
Aria Sky Suite

DEPE Design: The Future of Design Thinking

For as long as most of us can remember, some form of glass screen has been the dividing line between the human and computer worlds. That is changing. As devices, technologies and new UI paradigms emerge and converge, consumers’ reliance on screens as the primary interface will shift, and websites and screen-based interactions will move to a more peripheral function.

We call this next generation of experiences DEPE Design, or digitally enabled physical experiences, an intentional blending of the digital and physical worlds. It’s not just adding an AR filter to an app, but thinking about experiences from the ground up and merging digital and physical moments, surrounding, full room interactions that will require agencies to have different skills sets and think way beyond the screen.

  • Mark Newcomer, CSO | Mirum
  • Danielle Reubenstein, ECD | POSSIBLE Mobile


Tuesday, January 8th | 1:00 - 2:00pm
Aria Sky Suite

The Direct Effect: Delivering Growth through Creativity and Technology

  • Jon Suarez-Davis, SVP, Chief Strategy Officer | Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Jamie Gutfreund, Global CMO | Wunderman


Tuesday, January 8th | 1:45 - 3:30pm
Aria, Level 2 - Mariposa Ballroom

C Space Storytelling: Reinventing the Agency

Technology’s impact on the advertising industry has changed what clients expect from their agencies. Top ad agency executives discuss measures they’re taking to stay ahead of the trends and how the agency of tomorrow may look differently.

  • Mel Edwards - Global CEO | Wunderman
  • John Osborn – CEO | OMD
  • Sara Fischer – Media Reporter | Axios
  • Tim Jones – CEO | Publicis


Wednesday, January 9th | 9:00 - 11:00am
Lavo, The Palazzo

Future Ready Breakfast

Join Wunderman + memBrain for a thought-provoking breakfast on what it means to #ThinkFutureReady.

  • Steve Brown – Former Futurist | Intel
  • Stephan Pretorius – Global CTO | WPP
  • Karl-Thomas Neumann – Head of Mobility | Evelozcity
  • Dr. Anita Sengupta – Head of Innovation & Strategy | Airspace Experience Technologies
  • Jamie Gutfreund – Global CMO | Wunderman
  • Mark Read – CEO | WPP
  • Liya Sharif – Head of Global Brand, Content & Creative Services | Qualcomm
  • Mel Edwards – Global CEO | Wunderman
  • Tamara Ingram – CEO, Worldwide | J. Walter Thompson
  • Kirsten Ward – GM, Integrated Marketing for Modern Life & Devices | Microsoft
  • Kirk McDonald – CMO | Xandr
  • Lindsay Stein – Editor | Campaign US


Wednesday, January 9th | 12:00 - 1:00pm
Aria Sky Suite

Mobile: What's Possible With Creativity and Tech

  • Steve Brown – Former Futurist | Intel
  • Ben Reubenstein – CEO | POSSIBLE Mobile
  • Lucie Greene – WW Director, The Innovation Group |J. Walter Thompson


Thursday, January 10th | 12:00 - 1:00pm
Aria Sky Suite

Data Ethics for Marketers in a world of Machine Learning and A.I.

  • Jacques van Niekerk – CEO | Wunderman Data
  • Yannis Kotziagkiaouridis – Global Chief Analytics Officer | Wunderman
  • Karthik Krishnamurthy – Global Head of AI & Analytics | Cognizant
  • Tim Barnes – SVP, Digital Business | Xandr